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  • Alan with the Colonel at 42lb
  • All smiles for Roy with 'Mable'
  • Keith with 'Digits' from T Party 1
  • Happy days for Keith
  • Keith from T Party 1
  • Road Lake champion
  • Matt from The Birches
  • Matt with 'Tatty Tail' from The Birches
  • Andy in Double Boards
  • Andy
  • Andy
  • Andy
  • Rich with 'Lee's Common'
  • Action stations for Rich
  • Keith with 'Moomin' 37lb12oz
  • ???
  • A great way to end the week with 'The Hammer'
  • Clive had a busy week Brambles
  • More action for Clive
  • Hard fighting fish keep you young
  • Rich had a big hit from The Decoy Swim
  • Where he got that hat from we have no idea!
  • Garth was enjoying his trip
  • Some scaly fish also present in Road Lake
  • Lovely dark common for Clive
  • Clive the machine keeps on trucking
  • A great venue for some great action
  • A massive hit for Clive this week
  • The slightly hairy Pecky this week
  • Busy Busy boy - Garth with a nice common
  • Just one of the 177 fish landed this week for the Korda boys
  • Clive from Brambles
  • and another
  • Great angling from Clive saw him land fish after fish
  • Hanson getting into carp fishing?
  • Man-Kit and Garth getting on the fish
  • running out of captions for Clive…
  • Matt with a chunky common
  • Matt from The Birches
  • Roy from T-Party 2
  • Lovely mirror for Roy
  • To me to you - Chuckle with his smallest of the trip
  • Keith with God Know's
  • The Stubby at 35lb 8oz

Alan with the Colonel at 42lb


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 23/08/2014

Water temp 23 - Weather wet start, followed by sunshine.

It shouldn't be called 'fishing on The Road Lake', but 'mayhem on The Road Lake'.  The Korda Boys turned up for their annual jolly aboard, Captain Fairbrass's bus of anticipation.  A dozen hand picked carp assassins you might think.  Alas, not the case.  Pecky and Gibbo soon brought the rest of the party down to their level with a few "old skool" antics.

The draw meant a good spread round the lake.  Man-Kit, our clothing guru, was fishing for the first time and with a little help managed to get off the mark with a lovely 28lb fish.  This was the start of an eye opening week for Man-kit, he didn't realise how much fun fishing could be.  A water shot?  Are we carpers for real? - He duly obliged, but didn't really get it.  He did however get bloody wet and managed another six fish.

Elsewhere around the lake were more years carp experience than they'd like to admit to.

In TP1 and TP2 we had happy go lucky "Keef" and his carer for the week Roy.  I'm thinking us baliffs might have to watch these two this week, bless.  Eventually they got the rods out, these two don't get out of first gear.

Keef fished an easy 14 wraps out with all three rods in an arc at the church in the distance, baiting with 12kg of Hybrid and 10kg of pellets, he used the old glow in the dark corn topper on a Hybrid bottom bait to good effect.  Seven fish and a French PB common of 37lb and a lot of chocolate bars kept the smile on his face all week.

Roy had to wait for his PB common until the last evening, getting a little jiggy just short of the island with a bed of Hybrid and pellets, again saw steady action.  Size 6 Kurv to Kamo hook link with half bottom half wafter baits working for him with carp to 34lb.

As I'm walking around, Darrell and Garth (girth) pass me with a box of beer.  "We've caught enough this morning" and off they went around the pond.

Young Matt, from accounts was in Birches with 2+2 making 5.  Things didn't add up for Matt so the old, I mean very old silver fox "Gibbins" and Petal took him under their wing.

Gibbo AKA "if it hits the water it's a good cast" (not one for wraps) was catching for fun, mainly upper thirties as well just to rub it in.

Spreading the bait across an area at around sixty yards in old money and fishing KD style Krank hooks to Kamo hook link using Trigger ATS as hook baits and freebies, 40kg in total.

Gibbo 'the ledge' went on to have 27 fish to 44lb 12oz, and ten other upper thirties.  Matt adopted these tactics and soon got amongst the action too.  Five fish up to mid thirty, the only difference being snowmen hook baits.

Petal, the other side of Gibbo was also hauling.  Fishing out of Decoy, 22 wraps towards the car park and 20 wraps at the bunker, he put out over 30kg of Hybrid baiting 24/7.  His very hard work paid off with fish up to 39lb 8oz.  Finishing on 34 fish he was shattered, and towards the end of the week he could be found beer in hand, bright red and melting in the sun, feet in the water muttering to himself.  Heat stroke? beer? or just a week off Gibbo?  Who knows.

Dispatch "Al" was in a swim made for him.  Billy's.

No-mates-Alan had a lot of water and a tree line.  All three rods at 15 wraps from the tree line to open water in an arc and baited with 9 kg of Hybrid bought Al steady action.  A cracking 42lb mirror being his best on a white topped snowman.

As the week went on it became apparent Alan was scared of the dark on his own in Billy's, so he moved to the more sociable side of the lake, Gibbo's swim.  A little bit of 'broke back', but who am I to judge.

Pecky and Garth pass me again, still not fishing, but more beer.

Adam "Chuckle" Chapman was in Dunkerque, he only fished five nights but still managed six fish to 33lb 8oz.  Again, a new pb.  Simple fishing at 6 and 13 wraps baiting steadily worked for "Chuckle".  You were great value this week Adam, thank you.

Tom fished in Turtle Corner again.  Keeping things simple, he had nine fish up to mid thirty.  He didn't pile the bait in but trickled in Hybrid and fished a Kurv hook on Kamo hook link, simples is good.

Matt "The Duke" fished in Shingles, a great swim.  Matt's a match boy so all this carping nonsense was new to him.  Two mid twenties fell to his rods at 12wraps.  It's fair to say Matt actually spent more time "holidaying" than fishing. Great team spirit sir.

Gentle giant "Mison" made his home for the week in Double Boards.  Finishing with around sixteen fish to upper thirty. Again baiting steadily through the week and working at it hard, proved effort equals reward.

Finally onto Darrel and Garth.  Darrel moved round the pond like a heron catching all that swam before him, mainly from The Wall and The Slags, spreading his carping knowledge to all who'd listen.  Simple knotless knot IB wafter and a small oily bag bringing Darrel thirty fish.  Only fishing a maximum of four hours a morning, Pecky had plenty of time to socialise during the rest of the day and night.  Thirty carp to low thirty's was still a great return.

Garth, Pecky's side kick and beer carrier for the week, copied Darrel's approach as best he could.  Finishing with thirty one fish.  He'd like you to know that's one more than "what's he ever caught" Peck.  Again, only fishing short spells using 15kg of Atlantic Heat and small bags with a size 6 Wide Gape hook to Dark Matter hook link.

The team stressed the importance of feeding them and an edge was definitely the oily bags, feed them and they will still clean you out on the Road Lake.

It was a great holiday week with enough fish to allow lots of down time to socialise.  Good to catch up again guys and safe journey home.

Be lucky Barty and "the pie making legend" Steve.




Angler Comments

Tom Wager “The recent Korda social trip to Gigantica was awesome! It topped my previous French fishing holiday by a mile! I fished the Road lake and had plenty of action including a new PB common of 32lb. The bailiffs are excellent, really helpful and they sure know how to feed you!


I thoroughly enjoyed the company of all the Korda boys, we had such a laugh from the singing on the coach to the crazy GOO ice bucket challenges that went on each day! Can’t wait for next year where I hope to fish the main lake and catch proper lump! What a week!”