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  • Jack with a stunning 41.08lb mirror
  • Tom with 'Frankie' 39lb 8oz
  • Jack with a 37.00lb Common
  • Vinnie with a 35.10lb Two Tone mirror
  • Jack with a 36.00lb Mirror
  • Vinnie with a 32.00lb Mirror
  • Tom with a 29.00lb Common

Jack with a stunning 41.08lb mirror


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 16/08/2014

The Road Lake is really on form at the moment and this week 117 fish has produced another fish filled bonanza.

Tea Party 1 and 2, occupied by Scott and Tom decided from the off to bait heavily with Cell, Hybrid and pellets putting in a total of 20kg.

Scott in Tea Party 1 fished out 40 yards into open water and John in Tea Party 2 fished to the left of the island.  Both caught, but on seeing fish in Decoys water decided on a move, a good decision as it turned out.  Decoy was full of fish and the boys fished it well.  Bottom baits tipped with corn on D rigs over another 20kg of bait.  They finished the week with 29 fish between them up to 39lbs.  The guys have had a great holiday and have promised a swift return.

Mark in The Birches really did make the most of the carp being on the munch with 17 fish up to mid 30’s, caught over 40kg of Hybrid boilies and 10kg of pellets.  His blowback rigs on IQ hook links fished at 10 wraps worked effectively and steadily all week.  Mark even managed a bit of sight seeing with a visit to Troyes our local city.

At the left hand side of the Road Lake in The Shingles and Double Boards were Jack and Tom.  Jack, in The Shingles, baited with Hybrid using his throwing stick at 15 wraps and fished one to his left margin at six wraps feeding each rod with 1kg after every fish.  Action was slow at first but Jack soon found the key and unlocked the Road Lake with 15 fish up to a fantastic 41lb mirror.  Jack caught some fantastic carp with six over 30lbs.  Well done sir.

Tom was next door in Double Boards.  He managed 16 fish, in between taking photos for Jack.  The bulk of Toms fish came at 14 wraps slightly to the right of the swim and the third rod down the right hand margin, again baiting heavily using Hybrid and using Banoffee wafters as hook baits.  Toms biggest went 39lb and was backed up with four others at 30lb and eleven 20lb's.

We also had a late comer this week.  Vinnie chose the quieter end of the lake over in Dunkerque, using PVA bags at 13 wraps straight out in front of him and one to his left fishing the bottom of the margain shelf.  Vinnie was using D.N.A. 57 and soon caught up with the others on the lake with a great hit of 50 carp, ten 30’s, fourteen 20’s and 26 doubles.  I would suggest he is now having a rest at home.

The carp in the Road Lake are really on the munch at the moment, this is evident in the excellent conditions and good weights.  These new fish are attaining already, we seem to have many more fish over forty pounds than we had hoped for.  Just a little tip here, Caramel Goo is a little edge at the moment, sssssssh.


Be Lucky Barty, Steve and Mike