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  • Chris with the wright fish 46lb

Chris with the wright fish 46lb


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/07/2014

Well this week three lucky mates had the lake to themselves.  Not only was this an amazing fishing holiday for all 3 of them it was an absolute array of disasters.

Mike in Billy's was the star of the week getting into the action early, with a handful of upper 20lb mirrors.  Action was coming thick and fast with the odd 30lb'r slipping up.

Tuesday morning the first disaster struck.  Mike went for an early morning toilet break and on the way back decided to stop at his van for some milk, on arrival to his swim he noticed he was keyless.  After days of the three of them crawling around the tracks on hands and knees hunting for the keys they decided to call for help.  A recovery truck turned up to take the van to the garage to have new keys made.  With the keys ordered and a couple of hundred euros lighter Mike was relaxing in his swim sat on his day chair when he put his hands under the flaps of the chair and found the missing keys. 

With all this going on Mike managed to concentrate on his fishing and catch plenty of fish including 4 different 30lb mirrors to 36lb.

The trip organizer was also a Mike and he decided to fish in Shingles, Mike was also into action straight from the start.  He started with a few of the smaller fish but with plenty of Hybrid going on to his spot it didn't take long for the bigger Road Lake residents to get in on the action with plenty of upper 20's and low 30's landed, Mike was leaving us a very happy man. 

Mike added to the disasters on the last night by leaving the light on in the van resulting in a flat battery come morning, luckily for him we are used to anglers doing this nearly every week so we soon had them up and running with our jump leads.

Chris fishing in Turtles Corner had the most productive start, catching ten fish in the first 48 hours.  Chris caught plenty of good fish including a handful of 30's and a stunning 46lb mirror known as The Wright Fish.  Fishing locked up towards the tree line Chris had a disaster on the last morning with an angry Road Lake warrior deciding to steal his rod.  Luckily for him his rod and reel have now been recovered and will soon be in the post. 

All in all a very productive week with 55 fish between the three anglers, with plenty of ups and downs but all was resolved and the boys left very very tired and happy.

Be lucky,

Mike & Steve