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  • Pete with Lee's Common 43lb
  • 31lb road lake common

Pete with Lee's Common 43lb


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/07/2014

Nine anglers this week, and with looking back at the Road Lake form we have noticed that the lake fishes better when the fish are forced to move around due to angling pressure.

The guys spread out nicely around the lake to try and keep the fish moving around with the hope of making them easier to catch.

Peter and Colin chose to fish in The Goo and Poo, as Peter had experience from these swims last year.  They had a few fish out between them for the week including a lovely common of 43lb.

Yorkshire boys Paul and Paul doubled up in the ever consistent Cage and Dunkerque.  They both baited straight out at 9.5rl and caught consistently through out the week, there catch included 7 30's up to 38lb. 

Dutch guys Coen and Dennis fished in Tea Party 1 and Tea Party 2.  Dennis was fishing towards the far tree line and caught fish from the off.  Baiting with Mainline Hybrid boilies kept the fish interested and feeding all week.  His catch included five 30lb fish up to 39lb 12oz, and a cracking 36lb common.

Coen didn't have any success for the first two nights, so decided on a move to Billy's and once set up it didn't take long for the right hand rod to whip round, resulting in a 32lb mirror. Plenty of hybrid was introduced to the area and topped up on a regular basis, which kept the fish in the area all week.  Four more 30's fell to his snowman rigs and plenty of back up 20's graced his net.

Ben fished the week in Shingles, and had a tough time at the start of the week but with lots of effort and keeping his head up the fish started to flow and by the end of the week the action was non stop.  The left hand margin producing most of the bites with a few falling from his Hybrid baited spot at 12RL straight out.

Adam was in Turtles Corner fishing against the margin, and had fish from the off on his snowman rig that consisted of Hybrid bottom bait tipped with a milky toffee pop up doing the damage.  Adam found walking up the margin twice a day and introducing 2.5kg of chopped Hybrid kept the fish interested and searching the area for more bait.  Four 30's to 37lb and twelve mid to upper 20's rounded of his week. 

Be lucky,

Mike, Steve & Barty