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'Big Mac' at 38lb


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/08/2014

The Road Lake is now bang on form, with consistent action day and night.

After our usual walk around the fish where very active showing themselves all around in true Road Lake style.

Hopefully with everyone opting to spread them selves out around the lake the Road Lake, fish would keep themselves on the move.

Jack who was back again for his second trip this year, opted for Shingles and caught straight from the off landing four fish in the first night. Baiting a large area with around 4kg of Hybrid per day.  Jack caught steady all week keeping tactics simple as he would normally fish (If it works at home, it will work here).  Jack finished off with 20 fish to 34lbs for the week, good angling.

Lex decided to fish Billy’s and caught a good stamp of fish all week, the best being a chunky 39lb Mirror and a new PB.  With the majority of his fish coming after the heavy showers we had this week.  Again baiting heavily with boilie worked successfully for him.  Rig choice for Lex was simple IQ rigs with a snowman hookbait fished into open water at 17 wraps, along with one rod down the left hand margin at 18 wraps, comfortable fishing.

Morgan joined us this week but had to bring his dad (Shaun), “Oh well you cant have it all your own way Morgan”.  After deciding to fish next to each other in Brambles and Decoy, Both decided to fish the same tactics.  Simple blow back rigs and a snowman hookbait and baiting steadily with Hybrid boilies and pellets at 15 wraps. 

Young Morgan started the better, showing dad the way by netting a 31lb mirror and another PB from the Road Lake, a great start.  Morgan continued to catch consistently all week but Shaun (his dad) soon got the upper hand by landing two fish at 34lb in quick concession.  The pair ended the week with around 30 fish between them and both caught PB’s and had a great week.

That rounds up another week from us over on the Road Lake. 

P.S please bring some sun next time.


Tight Lines and be Lucky


Barty and Steve