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30lb common


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/08/2014

What a cracking week we had on the Road Lake this week things are really starting to heat up now with the sport becoming frantic at times.  Double takes, triple takes we had it all this week.  Book another holiday after you have been home to recover I suggest.

With very few on this week, which meant everyone had acres of freedom.

Fishing over in Billy’s this week we had Geert from Belgium, who brought his wife along for the trip.  What a nice couple and a good angler to go with it.  Geert ended the week with a very nice 37 fish.  The best a 37lb mirror, this included a staggering 13 x 30’s.  Most of Geert’s fish seemed to come at night.  Geert caught well on all three rods that where fished in open water at 20 wraps.  Baiting with around 6kg of Hybrid a day on a little and often basis worked well.  Simple blow back rigs with a snowman hookbait really do seem to be the winning rig at the moment with either a white or pink topper.  Now time to go home for a rest I think mate.  Well done.

Opting for Dunkerque this week we had William who was over with his dad David for the week.  William caught fish from the off mainly on the left hand rod down the margin.  This area is becoming a great area for the fish as they pass in and out of the bay and a spot not to be ignored.  William baited with Hybrid again on a little and often basis and caught around 20 fish for the week.  All caught on a double hookbait the best a 32lb 8oz mirror.  A good little angler that was always thinking and worked really hard all week.

David fished in The Cage, and after seeing William catch on his left hand rod decided on a move to Decoy after just one night which was a good move as he could catch fish as they where coming in and out of the bay as well.  It didn’t take long for the move to pay off as David landed 2 small mirrors very quickly.  Dave finished off with 11 fish for the week, the best a common of just over 30lb and all of his fish falling again to snowman hookbaits with either a pink or green topper.

Over in Turtles Corner we had Toby.  Toby fished well all week and after losing a couple started to get to grips with playing fish on barbless hooks.  Landing a total of 23 fish for the week including a cracking 38lb common.  Toby fished at 15 wraps to the left margin and baited with a mixture of whole and chopped Hybrid boilies by hand.

What a great week with the anglers averaging over 20 fish each.  Snowman rigs with pink and white toppers proving a real winner at the moment.  Feed them as they are hungry carp. 

See you soon


Steve and Mike