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  • a cracking 30lb mirror

a cracking 30lb mirror


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/07/2014

Over on the Road Lake this week we had what could only be described as the mad Preston lads.  A cracking bunch of lads who where out for a holiday as well as the fishing.

As it was an exclusive lake booking this week the lads all decided between themselves on where they wanted to go. 

Over in Billy’s we had Nick who was on his first ever France trip and his first ever time fishing nights.  For the week Nick landed several fish including five fish over 30lbs.  Nick fished at 15 wraps towards the tree line, baiting with pellets and Hybrid boilies and using a blow back rig with a Hybrid bottom bait and tipped off with a fake piece of corn.

Fishing as a team in The Cage and Dunkerque we had Colin and trip organizer Stef.  Colin caught seven fish, the best a 34lb mirror.  All Colin’s fish came at first light fishing at 12 wraps towards Billy’s.  Colin used 10kg of Hybrid for the week, scattering baits using a throwing stick.  Stef in Dunkerque had nine fish including 30’s of 31lb and 33lbs.  Stef caught several fish short in the left hand margin at 5wraps as well.  Again baiting with the Hybrid boilies.  Most fish coming again at first light.

Then over to Ernie in Decoy.  Ernie started off on a flier receiving several takes on the first night and landing fish up to 26lb 2oz.  The fishing remained steady for Ernie all week.  Baiting with Hybrid and Pellets using a spomb then fishing a KD rig with a Banoffee wafter over the top.               

Next up we had Guy in Tea Party 2.  Guy had a fantastic week catching a number of good fish, the best a Mirror called Heinz at a fraction under 46lb.  Fishing Hybrid at 10 wraps off of a shallow spot was enough to trip up the big mirror.  IQ D rig and a Hybrid wafters the big mirror’s down fall.     

I must say lads what a great week and good entertainment you all where.  Enjoying your holiday in true style and catching some good fish along the way.  Now back to the UK to recover no doubt.

We hope to see you all next year.


Steve, Barty and Mike