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  • Luke with a 36.00lb Common
  • Mike with a 34.00lb Mirror
  • Joe with a 32.00lb Mirror
  • Joe with a 30.00lb mirror

Luke with a 36.00lb Common


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/06/2014

We’ve had a bit of everything this week on the Road Lake. 

Just under 100 fish out, lots of sun and showers, but the fish remained active showing all over the lake.  Some good photos where taken by the boys and to top it all off we even had a crash.  The good news is nobody was hurt, but the van was quite poorly.

Now on with the fishing, a good draw with the guys opting to spread themselves out all around the pond.

Joe and Luke fished the far end in the Cage and Dunkerque, baiting heavily with Hybrid and pellets.  Although The Cage did more fish the better fish seemed to come from Dunkerque.  With the left hand margin being more consistent picking up fish all week.  Whilst Luke fished a couple of rod lengths from the left hand margin.  The fish seem to like it there and is a regular route on a sunny morning.

Mr Howard and Adam fished the ever-popular TP1 and TP2, both being rewarded for there hard work with carp to over 40lb.  Adam really mixed it up with chod rigs and IQ ‘D’ rigs and even a snowman rigs, the lot (Perhaps he had just got a new rig book).  But Adams accurate baiting up obviously helped him get more bites.  Around 4kg of Hybrid, baiting up at 21 wraps out in open water seemed to be a winner. Good skills young man.

Mike Howard in TP2 fished either side of the island and fished with a combination of Cell and Hybrid boilies, walking around to the far side to bait up easily.  His reward of 20’s, 30’s and a 40lb mirror more than made up for it though.

Now over to Turtles Corner Mike quietly went about his business finishing with 9 x 30’s up to 38lb 4oz, using combi rigs with a mixture of single and double baits.  Mike fished up to 15 wraps straight out in front and also to the left Margin.  Baiting up was easy, either by hand or using a throwing stick.  Again using 2kg of Hybrid and 2kg of pellets each day.  Keeping the swim topped up after an initial 5kg was used to kick-start the swim.


All in all another great week with some cracking fish caught, and eventually a safe journey home for the guys.


     Be lucky


    Barty and Steve