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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 21/06/2014

This week we had four anglers fishing the Road Lake and with the weather set to be warm, and the fish hungry everyone was expecting a few fish. 

First up was Harry and Christy, and what a lovely couple they are.  Harry decided to fish Dunkerque leaving Christy to fish in The Cage; two great swims that are always good for bites.

This left Jack and Jim to fish together in Tea Party 1 and Tea Party 2 respectively.

As ever, many of the Road Lake residence managed to grace the nets of the four anglers over the coarse of a very pleasant week indeed.

Harry fished hard all week as not to be out done my his other half Christy, and ended up being the top rod this week with a total of twenty-three fish, the best being a 31lb mirror Jack fished at 13 and 20 wraps and baited little and often with Mainline Cell boilies.  KD rigs fished with a combination of Cell and Milky Toffee pop ups snowman style proved to be a good combination for Harry.

Meanwhile in The Cage, Christy managed a few fish as well as a  new PB.  A rather solid chunky mirror of 35lb 10oz was good enough for her to claim the biggest out the pair and well deserved too.  Christy managed to bank a total of nine fish for the week using the same tactics as her partner Harry, well done both.

Over on Tea Party 1, Jim had a very pleasant week as well.  Landing a total of eighteen fish with the biggest a 43lb 5oz mirror.  An awesome fish as well, with this Jim had five 30’s with the biggest being 39lb 14oz and on top of this a number of good 20 pound fish where also landed.  Jim fished two rods to the tree line and one rod into open water.  Walking around to the far margin and baiting up with a mixture of pellets and Hybrid boilies resulted in regular bites.  The third rod fished in open was baited lightly using a throwing stick.  IQ ‘D’ rigs fooling some of the Road Lakes bigger residence once again.

Last but not least Jack in Tea Party 2.  Jack managed a creditable fifteen fish catch and after a slow start was well deserved.  The biggest for Jack was a very clean 31lb 12oz common, as well as a 31lb 5oz mirror.  All of Jacks fish came to the open water spot at 22 wraps to where he baited with Hybrid boilies and pellets twice a day.  The Hybrid and Milky Toffee pop up combo again proving successful.


Oh one last thing it took until Friday evening for us to find out Christy was a hairdresser and done a super job cutting my hair so thank you so much.  Barty is still waiting for his but that wont take long.

Well another week over and done with in till next week keep safe.


Barty and Steve