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  • Eddie with The Hammer 41lb
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Eddie with The Hammer 41lb


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 07/06/2014

Well what a week weather wise, with highs of 35 degrees this week left a lot of anglers searching for the shade come mid day.  But with over 140 fish being banked between the six anglers the Road Lake carp where more than happy and where looking to feed.

The first night saw Charlie in The Cage take an impressive six fish haul and when delivering breakfast it was clear to see.  Everyone caught the first night except Victor in Bacheliers, as he had a game plan.  Saturday evening of finding his spots baiting up and giving the carp a free feed before hitting them hard Sunday first thing.

Top rod for the week was Charlie, he had a busy week landing 32 fish with the biggest a 35lb mirror along with a few other 30’s.  Charlie worked hard all week fishing three different areas, firstly 16RL straight out, 16RL along the right hand margin and the third short into the corner where he had spotted a few fish early Sunday morning.  All spots where fished with Hybrid and the odd few hand falls of pellets for good measures and rig wise the ever popular IQ D rig with Hybrid wafters doing the damage, well done mate.

Then over in Decoy we had Caz, his week got stronger and stronger to leave him with a very respectable catch of 28 fish with the best being a 34lb mirror along with a awesome 33lb 4oz common.  This was followed up with a number of 30lb fish as well.  Caz found using the throwing stick at 20RL and introducing 3-4 kg of Hybrid each day to be the best way.  Rig wise IQ D rigs and Hybrid wafters doing it for Caz. 

Then we had Eddie in Turtle Corner.  What a week he had and what a smile he walked away with.  Eddie caught steady all week catching over 782lb of fish.  This was made up of a total of 27 fish with the average weight being just short of 29lb, what a week.  Eddies catch included 11 x 30’s with the best being a 38lb common, as well as a 38lb mirror.  Then if that wasn’t enough his best fish was a very nice 41lb Mirror.  Eddie fished 20RL off the left hand margin with two rods and the third 10RL out in the open water. Baiting wise he used a combination of Hybrid boilies and pellets, 2-3kg a day introduced on a little and often basis fishing a Banoffee wafter soaked in Caramel Goo over the top.

Fishing alongside his mate Charlie in Dunkerque, Mitch helped himself to 15 fish.  Mitch fished at a combination of two distances one rod short at 9.5RL towards Tea Party 2 and the other spot at 16RL straight out in front.  Again like most a combination of Hybrid and pellet working for Mitch with the biggest being a very nice 34lb common.

Well and last but not least we had Carl.  Carl fished in The Shingles.  As well as being a net man and a photographer for Eddie he also managed to catch his self some good fish with the best a 33lb mirror.  Carl introduced Hybrid boilies with the throwing stick, 3-4 kg per day in total.  His simple knotless knot rigs made up on N-Trap Soft and Wide Gape hooks where enough to help him bank 15 fish for the week.

Well that’s it for another week on the Road Lake, with plenty of good fish caught everyone went home happy.  Oh and one more thing, Carl Toner if your reading this have you gone a brought yourself a Guitar mate?  If so I want to hear about the stories in April.

Keep safe


Steve & Mike