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  • Woody with 'Frankie' 41.04lb

Woody with 'Frankie' 41.04lb


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 31/05/2014

With only six lucky anglers having the Road Lake to themselves this week, the optimism was there for a few fish and with the chat over with the draw complete they all decided to split up and fish as pairs and spread themselves around the lake.

Firstly Keith an Tony decided on The Cage and Dunkerque, not only were they here to catch a few fish but wanted a bit of a social and these two swims are ideal for this and have produced a lot of fish of late.

The next out of the draw was Woody and Gaz, they decided on the other arm or the east side if you wish.  Fishing in The Shingles and Turtle Corner.  Gaz fancied his chances on the tree line in Turtles and Woody opted for open water fishing from Shingles.

The final pair of Sam and Steve decided on Decoy and Brambles respectively. 

After the first night it was pleasing to hear that most had had a few bites with the best of the action coming to Keith in The Cage, having a sleepless night after landing 5 fish.  Woody and Gaz and Sam also getting in on the early action.

As the week went on the fishing improved as expected after the recent spawning activities. 

Top rod for the week ended up being Gaz in Turtles Corner, he ended the week with 26 fish which included 7 x 30’s.   His biggest going 34lb 8oz, Gaz fished two spots.   Two rods to the tree line where he baited with crushed baits and pellets and the other out in open water where he baited with 30 baits after every fish.  Simple IQ ‘D’ rigs doing the business as always. 

Next we had two anglers, both on sixteen fish each.  Sam fishing in Decoy and Keith in The Cage, Sam fished two rods towards the car park behind Dunkerque at 20Rl where he baited three times a day with boilies and pellets and his other rod was fished down the right hand margin where he baited with half a kg after every fish.  Keith fished at 11RL out where he baited with pellet and Hybrid boilie.  Keith’s catch included a 32lb mirror and a 31lb common along with plenty of high 20’s.

Next to Keith, Tony had eleven fish which included 4 x 30’s with the best being 36lb.  Again fishing Hybrid boilies and pellets at 15RL on an IQ ‘D’ rig and a Hybrid wafters hook bait. 

Woody in The Shingles had a number of fish with the best being a 41lb mirror.  Woody fished 15RL over a big spread of Hybrid boilies and his rigs where tied up on the N-Trap Semi Stiff hook link with the new Krank barbless hooks.

Then last but not least Steve in Brambles.  Steve had fish up to 33lb, fishing snowman rigs and baiting little and often before deciding to move to Single Boards.  Here he caught a number of fish to 35lb 8oz fishing towards to toilet block, again he baited little and often with the Hybrid boilie from Mainline Baits.

The Road Lake is really starting to throw up some good fish and action can be frantic day and night so why no come and give it a try.  We are sure you will not leave disapointed.


All the best


Steve, Mike & Barty