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  • 37.08lb mirror for justin
  • Sam the Chief with a 41.02lb mirror
  • Dave with a 30.02lb common

37.08lb mirror for justin


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 17/05/2014

Water Temp this week was 17.5 degrees.

Weather was sunny during the days with stormy rainy nights.

Just three anglers this week, so plenty of water to choose from.  Justin opted to fish in the ever consistent Shingles and very quickly got off the mark with a nice 21lb common from the left hand margin.  This margin is on fire at the moment producing plenty of fish day and night.  Justin also managed bites on his middle and right hand rod into open water.

Justin was using a mixture of Cell and Hybrid boilies mixed in with pellets, this approach seemed to bring almost immediate action.  However the fish seemed to be getting smaller, he adapted this approach and went for boilie only approach.   This slowed down the action a little but brought in the bigger fish.  Justin took a total of 27 fish including five 30's up to 39lb 8oz, and plenty of upper 20's.

Dave and Sam chose to fish from Tea Party 1 & 2.  Sam in TP1 had a slow start unfortunately losing a couple of fish the first night but caught a lovely 18lb grass carp on Sunday afternoon and a 20lb mirror.

Dave in TP2 fished either side of the island and caught himself a new PB with his first fish weighing in at 24lb.  Action continued for Dave totaling 11 fish by Monday morning including another PB of 35lb.

Things didn’t pick up in TP1, so they both decided to move to Dunkerque and The Cage.  Sam in Dunkerque fished his left hand rod in the left margin and the other rods 9.5RL towards the island and the next biggest tree to the right.  Bites started to flow and by Wednesday Sam landed a new PB in the Shape of a 36lb common, things only got better and on Thursday he landed a 41lb 2oz mirror, good skills Chief.  A total of 22 fish for Sam fishing over a bed of Hybrid and pellet mix introducing around 4kg per day.

Dave moved into The Cage and fished towards the over hanging tree to the right, his middle rod a little further down the margin and his left hand straight out 9.5RL baiting the same spot as Sam.  Again the same baiting strategy as Sam, with around 4kg of mixed Hybrid boilies and pellets per day kept the fish interested.  Dave landed 24 fish for the week including five 30's with a new PB of 35lb 4oz and a 21lb Grass carp.

Be Lucky,