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  • Pauls 37lb common
  • Lewis with a 31lb common

Pauls 37lb common


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/05/2014

Water temp this week was 16 degrees.

Weather was wet and stormy to start the week with clear sunny days towards the end.

Plenty of fish were coming out all over the lake.  The lads even stopped fishing at night as action was thick and fast throughout the day.

Paul Gibbons got a good draw and opted to fish from Shingles and with the margins here having a very good track record it would have been stupid to ignore these, so Paul found a spot down the left hand margin at 6RL aiming at the leaning tree on Turtles tree line.  With bait introduced it must of only taken him 30 minutes to land a lovely 30lb+ common, happy days coming for dinner on the first day with a 30 under your belt.

Action continued to flow with the left hand margin producing the majority of the fish and a top up of Activ-8 boilies after every fish seemed to keep them interested and kept them coming back for more.  Paul started to work his middle and right rod more to try and get all three areas rocking.  11-12 RL aiming at Tea Party 1 and 2 started to produce a few fish each day but the main hotspot was clearly the left hand margin.  Paul’s target at the start of the week was 10 fish and a 30lb fish.  He was very happy walking away with 41 fish by the end of the week.  This included 18 x 30’s and one 40lb mirror.

Dave started the week in Bacheliers fishing against the road bank.  Early action was on the cards landing a few fish on Sunday and Monday.  The fish then all seemed to move out as the week went on so, Dave went for a move round to Billy’s and got straight back into the action for the rest of the week.  Dave landed a total of 15 fish including a common of 30lb 4oz with Essential Baits B5 doing the damage.

Simon dropped into Dunkerque and straight away noticed the fish constantly crashing straight out in front of him at 50 yards, so opted for sticking three rods along this line and baiting with Velocity Baits AK-4R.  Fish came very early on so he kept topping the spot up with bait and this kept the fish in the area and very active for the whole week.  Simon landed a total of 37 fish during the week, including 13 x 30’s of which the biggest being a 38lb 5oz mirror and a 37lb 8oz common.

John fished in Tea Party 2 and having fished this swim in the past new the spots, so immediately got his rods on the money across the far tree line.  John landed 20 fish for the week.

Steve was the mobile angler this week, starting in The Goo for a night fishing into open water then after seeing lots of fish in the corner opposite him he moved into Single Boards for a night, then after Paul moved out of Turtles he nicked a night in there before settling down for the rest of the week in The Birches.  Steve caught plenty of fish for the week including mirrors of 32lb, 34lb and 35lb.

Paul Branfield took the prize money for biggest fish when he landed a 44lb 8oz mirror fishing out of Brambles aiming 18RL toward the tall tree with the prominent birds nest in.  Baiting with around 30kg of Essential Baits B5 boilies he kept the fish interested.  All rigs were working as he caught on blowback rigs, IQ-D rigs and chods.

Lewis had an impressive week, taking 30 fish out of Decoy including seven 30’s to 35lb 12oz for a total weight of 700lb 4oz.  Lewis aimed his left hand rod straight out at 70 yards, this produced a lot of fish but his banker rod was aimed at the car park behind Dunkerque and he also picked up a lot of fish in the right hand margin.  Mainlines Hybrid boilies and our pellets were the bait of choice, fed little and often with the spomb or throwing stick.

Be Lucky,

Mike & Barty