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  • Matt with a 34.14lb common
  • 1 of Leigh's many upper 20's
  • Leigh's successful rig

Matt with a 34.14lb common


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 26/04/2014

Weather was sunny.  Wind was changeable but mainly westerly.

Water temperature 15 degrees this week.

The fish activity was very active with fish showing all the time.  Again more bait brought in the bigger fish. Topping up the bait after each fish seemed to keep the bigger fish interested.

Leigh has had an amazing week on the Road Lake, banking a record breaking catch of 60 fish including seven 30lb+ fish along with numerous upper 20's.  Leigh started off fishing in Tea Party 2, fishing 75 yards to either side of the island.  After a couple of days catching around 15 fish, he noticed that a lot of fish were showing in front of a swim called Dunkerque.  Lee packed his gear and moved on over to that swim.  Fishing at 9 wraps, Leigh literally emptied the place.  Baiting with pellets purchased on site and Hybrid boilies.  Leigh's tactics were to fish a snowman rig KD style and a small PVA mesh bag of crushed boilie.  The majority of Leigh’s fish were early morning and throughout the day.  It seemed whenever I popped over he’d have a fish on, possibly running rigs being his edge?

Very well done Leigh your are a breaker.

Darren and Matt fished Shingles and Turtles respectively and managed 44 fish to just over 40lb.  Baiting tactics were Hybrid boilies with a Banoffee wafter fished KD style over chopped and whole boilies and pellets.  Not bad when you consider they only had three nights with us due to transport issues.

Ian and Chef G dropped into the Tea Party swims after Lee, and caught within 10 minutes and over the rest of the week managed a good number of fish to mid 30's.  Again not being shy with the bait helped hold the fish, this tatic seems to keep the fish feeding throughout the day so at times it really can be relentless.

Guest bailiff Nick fished just overnighters in The Birches, and had 35 fish topped by a 34lb 1oz common, all on Hybrid and Banoffee wafters, over a scattering of Hybrid boilies.

All in all a very productive week, fishing really well throughout the day and night.  The guys all commented that they wanted a relaxing holiday, but after a week on the Road Lake they all left tired.  Aching but with massive smiles on their faces after having the best weeks hauling.

Once again the lake produced an amazing amount of fish, with stunning mirrors being the cream of the crop.  Top tip is to feed them, they like a boilie.

Be lucky

Barty, Mike and the ginger one