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  • Tom with the New Lake record 'Wright Fish' 45lb 8oz
  • Bob with a 42lb mirror

Tom with the New Lake record 'Wright Fish' 45lb 8oz


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/04/2014

Saturday 19th April and the on slaught began with 12 hopefuls descended onto the Road Lakes banks in search of the newly stocked fish.

Saturday afternoon and within minutes of setting up the action started to flow all around the pond.

Action came thick and fast for Tom Wright in Turtles Corner who bagged himself six fish before midnight.  Mirrors of 23lb, 24lb 28lb, 35lb, and 36lb along with a 30lb 12lb common.  Tom was aiming at the X formed by 2 fallen trees for casting then walking round and throwing a mixture of crushed, whole and chopped Mainline Cell boilies over his area.  This action kept on into Sunday morning when Tom landed a new lake record in the shape of The Wright Fish at 45lb 8oz mirror, known as “Mr. Muscles” to his mates he didn’t have any problems lifting her up for the trophy shots.

The week carried on as it started with sleepless nights and busy days for Tom who took a total of 38 fish for the week including mirrors of 30lb, 30lb 2oz, 32lb 4oz, 31lb 12oz, 33lb 4oz and 37lb 10oz along with commons of 30lb 6oz, 29lb 14oz and 29lb 15oz.  Followed up by plenty of back up 20’s.  The successful rig was a simple blowback rig with a Cell bottom bait hookbait and a long PVA stick to keep it well presented.

Grant and Luke went for Dunkerque & The Cage.  Luke fished the margin to the right of The Cage towards the over hanging tree and straight out at around 40 yards to a gravel area.  Grant found an area around 50 yards straight out of Dunkerque and put a little amount of bait on it and then topped it up with around 2kg per day.  Action again came very quick and lasted all week with the majority of fish coming through the night, between them they took a very impressive total of 30+ fish for the week.

Mick Daniels took a massive hit of 25 fish for the week including 14 over 25lb and five over 30lb up to 39lb.  The tree line up the road bank produced most of the fish at the bottom of the shelf a couple of rod lengths off of the margain.  Scattering baits along the tree line proved to be the successful method to keep the fish moving up and down the edges.

Bob “the croc” “crocodile Dundee” Dew, also took an impressive 25+ fish haul out of Shingles.  The margins seemed to be the main area on this side of the lake as in the evenings you see them crashing up and down the margins and on sunny days you can see them swimming up and down under your feet.  Bob fished about 20 yards off the margins to the bottom of the shelf using simple hair rigs with a 2 inch pop ups, baiting up with Mainline Cell boilies throughout the day.  19 of his fish were well over 25lb including ten 30’s and a 42lb mirror.

The star of the week was Rob who fished in Decoy.  He took an incredible 43 fish for the week.  Fishing a comfortable distance of 80 yards he put three rods at this distance spread over a couple of rod lengths and baited the area.  The fish seemed to move in numbers and bites would come very quickly.  Often when delivering breakfast to him and his mate would both be playing fish, with fish already in the net. Mainline Cell was the chosen bait with around 50 baits over each rod.

Jak fished in Brambles and found a gravel plato that comes up to around 12ft at 60 yards range straight out in front at the tallest tree.  He put his rods straight out, left and right of the tree.  And spread around 50 baits around each rod.  Simple running rigs were the fish’s downfall and he caught a total of 27 fish including plenty of 30’s up to 37lb.

Harry & Clark doubled up in the Tea Party swims, Harry taking TP1 fishing to the left hand margin and straight out around 80 yards to the middle with a couple of handfuls of bait around each rod.  He took 15 fish for the week upto 39lb 10oz, which was caught on a zig rig at around 10ft depth.

Clark took TP2 and focused all rods on the far tree line to the left of the island fishing Cell snowman rigs with a white milky toffee topper, he took 17 fish upto 35lb.

The Norwich boys “where are you, lets be havin ya” Rob and Steve went for Single Boards and Double Boards.  After a slow start, the fishing picked up towards the end with them taking a total of 24 fish between them, including mirrors of 34lb, 32lb, 33lb 7oz and commons of 30lb 7oz and 34lb.  Margins were the target this side with the fish seen cruising up and down with a handful of bait over each rod.

Steve Brown went for the lonely Billys and took a massive haul of 31 fish for the week, including a few 30’s and a lot of upper 20’s.  Steve was using a drop off inline set-up with a simple knotless knot rig baiting up with a couple of kilos of boilies to the right hand side tree line.

Be Lucky,

Mike & Ross