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  • Simon with a 38.08lb mirror
  • Mike with a 30.06lb mirror
  • A 32.08lb mirror for Gary
  • Shaun with an upper 20
  • Shaun with a stunning upper 20 mirror
  • Extra entertainment watching these guys
  • Shauns mid-twenty common
  • Gary with a 29.08lb mirror
  • A mid twenty common for Mike
  • And the award for worlds best uncle goes to Shaun
  • Mike with a 32.07lb mirror
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Simon with a 38.08lb mirror


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/04/2014

The first week of the Road Lake 2014 season is upon us and most importantly the first week of customers since the immense stocking that was introduced during the winter.

The action came thick and fast from the off with Michael in shingles taking the first fish in the shape of a 23.12lb mirror just minutes after returning from dinner, Michael found success fishing to the left hand margin a couple of rod lengths off the bank. He introduced around a kilo of hybrid and a kilo of pellet onto the spot.

Gary fishing in Turtles corner also got off to a flyer catching a 33.08lb mirror just before dark and then catching a further 2 28lb+ mirrors through the night into Sunday morning. Gary caught the fish fishing 2 rods towards the X on the tree line a couple of rod lengths of the bank.

Tea Party 1 produced a cracking 30lb mirror for Ant on the first night fishing a PVA bag coated in Almond Goo to the left hand margin, he introduced a couple of handfuls of hybrid and pellet over the area.

Also helping himself to a 30 pounder was Simon fishing in the Goo, the fish came from the left hand margin to a combi-rig with a standard hybrid bottom bait fished with a pva bag attached to the hook.

At 14 years old Mike was the youngest person to fish the lake. Mike adopted the bait and wait theory, spodding 10kg of pellet at 65 yards straight out of the decoy … he didn’t have to wait long as Sunday evening he received his first bite in the shape of a 16lb common and a couple of hours later caught a cracking 30.05lb mirror. The successful rig was an N-trap soft blowback rig with a cell snowman tipped with a white chocolate pop-up.

Mikes uncle Shaun also got of the mark on Sunday night landing a mid-double mirror. Shaun fished all 3 rods to a comfortable distance of 65yards and stuck with it throughout the week topping the spot up with around 2kg of Mainline Cell per day. Shaun caught plenty of fish through the week including 7 upper 20’s to 27.13lb, he found success using an inline setup… snowman rig tipped with a pineapple pop-up neatly placed inside a solid bag of crushed cell and pellets.

Gary in Turtles Corner kept up his strong start and continued to pick out the better stamp of fish including 2 more upper twenty’s to 29.08lb and 4 more 30’s to 34lb. Gary was walking round the tree line and hand throwing around 2kg per day of mixed Hybrid chopped and whole boilies and pellet over the spot. His rig choice was an IQ-D rig with a standard hybrid boilie.

Michael was top rod for the week in Shingles landing 12 fish including 3 30lb mirrors to 33lb the left and right hand margins continued to produce the bites day and night so Michael continued to top the spots up with around 2kg per day of hybrid and pellets. He also kept things simple using a standard knotless knot rig with a hybrid boilie.

The action slowed for Simon in the Goo so he decided for a move to Bacheliers where he had seen a few fish crashing along the road bank. He decided to fish an area where he could walk down the road bank and accurately bait up, he decided to stick with his snowman combi rig and soon had it in place. That night the move paid off when he landed a 29lb common, weds night a scale perfect 33.04lb common. Friday night he caught a 17lb common and a 38.08lb mirror to finish the week off in style.

Midway through the week Ant also decided on a move from Tea Party 1 to Single Boards and caught a 30.02lb mirror from the right hand margin. He also Spodded to an area at around 50 yards infront and caught 2 commons from this area to 21lb.

Friday afternoon Tims persistence paid of in Double Boards when he caught a 20lb common from the right hand side margin, using a ready tied IQ-D rig with a pva bag coated in Almond Goo.

Even with Mikes good start in the Decoy he had seen a lot of fish activity towards the tree line of Tea party 2 and made the move he was quickly rewarded with a 27.05lb common on the first night he then continued to top the spot up with cell boilies and pellet by walking round to the far side and hand throwing the bait onto the spot. He caught a further 8 fish including 3 upper twentys and 2 30’s to 33.12lb.

Cheers for an excellent week lads, I hope to see you all again soon.

Be Lucky,

Mike & Ross