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  • Tom couldn't keep them away
  • Another for "Mr Fox"
  • Not to be out done Dan Wildbore got in on the action
  • The action hotted up for Dan
  • "Mr fox" sneaking in for the pictures
  • Deano with one of his many 30s
  • Biggest of Deans catch
  • Geoff and one of his Pb fish
  • Not another Pb Geoff surely!!

Tom couldn't keep them away


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/03/2014

The red carpet was rolled out this week for carp fishing royalty.
Mr Fox, Tom Maker and fishing partner Sticky Baits Dan Wildbore chose the Road Lake for there latest feature (Total Carp April).
Plotting up in Tea Party 1 & 2 the boys could see the whole lake from these swims.  Tom fished to the far tree line and one to the right to open water.  Tom didn't take long to land the first fish and action was frantic and soon the thirties were on the Krill.  Tom was topping his boilies with a 10mm white Krill pop-up.  He kept it simple using size four SSBP barbless hooks, 25lb Matt Cortex on naked heli rigs.
Tom kept the food going in, with chopped krill, bloodworm pellet and hydro ink being his mix.
Tom finished with 8 x 30's, 6 x 20's and 7 x doubles.  Well done sir.

Although Dan was catching, he chose to move to the far side of the lake.  Turtles, where fish had showed consistently.  Dan trickled in crushed krill boilies and pellet and almost instantly was into fish. Dan also topped his baits with 10mm white krill pop-ups.  His best fish being a mid thirty.  The bulk of his other fish being twenties.

At the other end of the Road Lake we had Dean and Geoff Phillips, good buddies of Ali's (so I hoped they'd catch).  Panic over! They bagged up and only stayed for three nights.  Each had fish to over thirty pounds.  Deano could do no wrong with all but one over thirty.  37lb being his best, using Hybrid boilies and IB corn on size four Wide Gapes over a light scattering of boilies.  Ali's brief was, "get Geoff a P.B Barty".
Well he had four PB's, Geoff fished KD Semi Stiff using Hybrid double baits again over a small bed of boilies.  Geoff also managed three thirty's in just one evening with 32lb the best, good skills and very well done sir, we enjoyed having you both.
Thank you Fox and Sticky Baits for using our Road Lake, you are more than welcome back.  Tom and Dan you are gents .

Angler Comments

Deano said, "Awesome venue, awesome hospitality"

Geoff said, "most satisfying and well looked after".