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  • Andy's first fish at 31.12
  • John didn't mind his early wake up call with this one at 34lb
  • Paul "The Only Way Is Essex" Crowder
  • Andy with another cracker
  • Pauls side kick Ray wouldn't be left out of the action
  • Stocking in the rain. Great lads and help was much appreciated

Andy's first fish at 31.12


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/02/2014

There's nothing worse than a noisy neighbour.
Whilst the purists chase "Gigantica" monsters, here over at The Road Lake it's like a club 18-30s holiday.  You'll be up all night to the noise of screaming alarms and blinded by the flash photography.

The action has been non-stop, between fish being delivered and shed loads being caught.
Fish have been arriving steadily from November right through to March.  Stunning carp up to 48lb with half of them over 35lb, and these fish are already coming out from all over the lake.
Open water, tree lines and margins there is no pattern whilst they settle.  It would also appear our previous years stockings are getting a little kick up the derrière, they are on the munch and getting caught to over 30lb.
Simple tactics are working well, boilie over pellet or boilie over boilie. (no particle or nut allowed on Road Lake).

First to take advantage was Suffolk duo Andy Askew and John Medcalf.  Starting in Dunkerque and The Cage the guys went with the pellet approach and fished boilie over the top.  Margins and medium range in these swims makes for comfortable fishing.  Andy had fish to 31lb 12oz with back up fish to 28lb 2oz.
John had the bigger fish, a 34lb mirror being his best with back up twenties and doubles.  John used our own Banoffee wafters over his pellet.

They also fished Turtles and Shingles, having eight more fish between them again the margins made for easy fishing.

We had a little bit of Essex, with Paul and Ray popping in to see Barty.  Picking three swims in a row Birches, Brambles and Decoy.
All three managed to land fish to mid twenty in a couple of nights, fishing over a scattering of boilie.  Again using banoffee wafters over Cell boilies.  It was good to catch up and we appreciate the help with our most recent delivery of fish (look on our Road lake stocking pictures).

Not to be outdone, even Matt "Le Blanc", our new bailiff caught (must be fishing well) lol.  Matt topped his catch with a nice mirror just under 30lb.

Well done and welcome to the party.

         Be lucky, Barty.