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  • Tom with a 20lb+ mirror
  • Tom with a 21lb+ common
  • Tom with an upper double grassy
  • Tom wit a 29.13lb common
  • Craig with a 26.08lb common
  • Craig with a 23lb+ common
  • Dave with a 36lb mirror
  • Dave with a mid-twenty mirror
  • Dave with a stunning mirror
  • Dave with a mid-twenty mirror
  • Dave with an upper-twenty common

Tom with a 20lb+ mirror


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 20/07/2013

The three anglers from Nottingham had the lake to themselves for the week, and took advantage of most of the hot spots from day one.

Dave Ward and Craig Lawson pitched up in Tea Party 1 and 2, while Tom Roe (Karl Pilkington) opted for Birches, all in which had fish crashing all over them.  And it was big Dave who got on the board first with a clean mirror of 19lb 2oz, which fell to his preferred hookbait of Hybrid tipped with corn, smothered in the Almond Goo.  Dave landed a further two fish on Saturday night, a 22lb 8oz and 17lb 9oz brace of commons at 80 yards range towards either side of the sunken island.  Craig wasn’t far behind him, getting off the mark with a hard fighting 18lb mirror from his baited area at 60 yards range towards Turtles Corner.  Also using a tipped Hybrid bottom bait covered in the Almond Goo.

Early the next morning an 18lb 10oz common was banked by Dave, which was to be the only fish produced due to the searing sunshine causing the fish to lap it up in the upper layers without the intention of feeding.  As the night cooled, the first 20+ of the week was netted by vest top Craig at around 11pm.  The mirror came in at 21lb 7oz falling to the same hookbait presentation as the previous night.  He carried that momentum through to Monday landing 2 low double commons and an upper double mirror of 18lb 8oz before light had broke.

Vest top added a further two to his list before breakfast was delivered, an 18lb 13oz common and his second 20+ fish at 22lb 4oz, which was a lovely scaly mirror.

With Tom being left behind with no luck in The Birches, a change of swim was in order.  After seeing lots of movement towards Turtles Corner he packed up and headed round there, which was a move that immediately paid off after he banked five fish to 20lb 6oz through Monday night.  Commons of 16lb 4oz, 13lb 11oz and 16lb 6oz with a grassy thrown in the mix at 14lb 12oz made up the list including that 20+ mirror.  Keeping his consistency, Big Dave kept on hauling producing another three that night to 20lb 9oz still using the same approach that had been doing the damage.

Tuesday turned out to be just as productive with 11 fish on the mat between the lads.  The idiot abroad (Tom) having the biggest in the form of a pristine common at 29lb 13oz accompanied by two mid doubles and a low 20 from two different spots along the treeline.  Craig followed up with a couple of feisty mid double mirrors at 15lb 10oz and 14lb respectively, and a powerhouse mid 20 at 25lb 8oz.  It was then Daves turn to experience a grassy at 16lb 6oz, with three commons at 14lb, 15lb and 20lb 10oz completing a sleepless yet thoroughly exciting night.

Wednesday came and Big Dave was over the moon landing a joint lake record at 36lb on the dot.  This chunk was off the same area he had been baiting with the mighty Hybrid all week, which clearly could not resist his Goo’d up hookbait any longer.  Congratulations fella, well earned as well.  He took a further three fish to 29lb 3oz the same evening also.  Doesn’t come more consistent than that.

Turtles Corner was still producing the goods for Tom, nothing to make headlines mind but still better than sitting behind static rods.  Two upper double commons and a mid double mirror just to keep the action rolling.  Over in Tea Party 1, Craigs efforts were still being rewarded with a brace of 20+ commons and a 15lb 10oz mirror.  The awesome combo of Hybrid and Almond Goo strikes again, takes some doing to say no to that.

Big Daves second 30+ fish came in the early hours of Thursday morning.  Another good conditioned common weighing in at 31lb 10oz was more than welcome after having a fare few smaller carp beating the bigger girls to the bait.  His favored spot was baited with a few more kilos of boilie after dinner resulting in a hat-trick of 20+ fish that evening.  Mirrors of 21lb 9oz and 22lb 8oz along with a common at 21lb 14oz just before midnight.  The 20’s kept coming with Tom netting a common of 21lb 6oz and a fine mirror of 21lb 3oz, the tree line of Turtles Corner again being the favored area.  The weeks count was increased further by Tom landing another two fish of 16lb 8oz and 15lb 13oz from a clear patch in open water to his right.  Vest top added another two very welcome fish out of Tea Party 1 with a mirror at 17lb and a 24lb 6oz common of scale perfection.

The angling took a turn for the worst going through Friday with only one fish on the mat between the anglers.  It was Tom making up for a slower start to the week than the others, banking a 19lb 6oz mirror late into the night.

The final morning was upon us and as a farewell gift the lake still had one fish left for each of the boys from up north.  Craig finishing up with a 17lb 10oz mirror to take his weeks tally to 16 fish.  Dave landed a 22lb 14oz carp to take him to an impressive 21 fish haul, and Tom ending on a mid 20 common at 24lb 10oz.

The anglers shared a total of 57 carp, which made sure they all left smiling and ready for the log trip home.

Thanks for a great week guys and all the best for the future.

Be lucky

Rhys, Mike and Barty

Angler Comments

Craig - "Cheers boys, great week and great fish. All the best"

Dave - "Nice one lads, top venue and great service.  Be back next year"